Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One day I don't want to have again!

From the beginning, today has been the pits! I hope I never have one like this again. Allow me to share.

When the alarm for G went off at 6:15, I knew I needed more sleep. But I got up to let the cat out of his crate, let the dog out, and turned on the tv so he could get traffic alerts.

When he left, I returned to bed, setting my alarm for 8:45, which is a much more civilized time of day. The alarm went off, and I reached to the bedside table for my glasses. They were not there. I knew Shadow had been climbing all over me, and he had gotten on that table, but I didn't think there was a problem with the glasses. There was.

I searched and searched. They were no where. I looked for my next oldest pair. They must be at the SSB. That left me the newest that I cannot see anything with. Now that I have a new driver's license, I am restricted to driving with glasses. Oh, my.

I am still searching and the phone rings. I thought it was daughter, but it was the man from the generator place (the one we ordered mid-June, that is sitting in the backyard, finally, but not hooked up). He looked into our problem with the installation. I discovered last night that our original salesman no longer worked for this company. Well, C gave me his name and direct line. We'll see what happens here.

I go back to look for my glasses.

Oops, it's overtime for Simone's pill. She decides this is the day to fight me over that blasted pill. The phone rings - again.

This time it is Daughter. Now yesterday she didn't call at all. Neither Simone nor I have had breakfast, and I still am wearing glasses that make the world blurry. This morning, she talks, and talks, and . . .

After a long while, she decides to go to work, and I get the pill for Simone again. This time she takes it.

I go back to looking for my glasses. I have a dental cleaning 11. It is almost 10. I finally find them. They are peaking out from under the bed. I swear they weren't there an hour ago.

I come into the kitchen to prepare Simone's food. I know I don't have time for coffee. That's bad. But I get my breakfast together.

I go back to the bedroom to get dressed. I am almost dressed. The phone rings.

Now, you have to understand I go days without a phone call (with the exception of Daughter). My cell phone plan has 450 minutes. Usually 400 roll over. But today, I am Mrs Popularity!

It is my DIL's mother. She has investigated rolled turkey roasts for the family reunion. I will tell that story tomorrow. The roasts are EXPENSIVE!!

I come in to boot my beloved laptop. I want to be ready to get on line when I get back from the dentist. It doesn't load right, and I have no internet. The internet is working, but my ISPs are not allowed. In fact, even my firewall can't activate.

I installed the "recommended update" for the air card yesterday. It changed a lot on this computer. I really don't know what all, and the kicker is that even the air card wouldn't access the internet. I am calling ATT today - when I catch my breath. Their update is a disaster. Right now, all programs for the air card have been removed.

Last night was the real beginning of my terrible times. I really wanted to watch Hell's Kitchen. G wanted to watch the PBS (it's begging time, so they have decent programming) program on Steam Engine trips. Well, he rarely asks to watch anything. I bopped into the bedroom to set the timer on the stone age VCR. I did that. When I went to check the program an hour after it aired, there was no program. That VCR is difficult to set. When we had a power outage (see - need the generator), the wrong date was put in. So no Hell's Kitchen. I guess I'll try HULU after a bit.

I so hope your day is a good one. Someone on this earth needs a good day!



judemiller1 said...

Good grief! I am worn out and frazzled just reading what you went through.
Glad you found your glasses. I still can't find Fred's wallet in this place, lost on May 12th and I KNOW I had it in my hand when I came home from the ER.

Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind.

How do your knees feel today?

Grandma K said...

Judy, they still hurt!