Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shots number two

Today I am scheduled for the orthovisc shots number 2. I am a little jazzed about them because number one seems to be helping.

When we put the house in at the SSB, the installers asked me how high up off the ground I wanted the house. Well, never having a manufactured home before, I thought taller would be better - and that was before the arthritis in my knees got really bad.

That means that it is five steps to get in the back door, and even more (two sets of five I think) to get in the front. As my knees got worse, it was harder and harder for me to get in the house, and once in, I tended to stay in. G would have to take Simone out, and she is wanting out more and more these days.

This past weekend I found that it wasn't nearly as bad to get into the house. It didn't take me five minutes to climb the steps. There was very little hesitation. I am thinking good things are ahead.

Of course, I did talk to SIL M this weekend. She had the shots three times, and each succeeding set of shots did less and less, until she had the replacement. I just hope that they are better these days, and I can keep from getting a replacement. In the back of my mind I think perhaps Dr Ortho knows this, and is just helping me buy some time to shed these pounds. I just believe that the surgery is still lurking out there waiting for me.

On another thought - Monkey Boy began his school yesterday. Things went well. Of course, he was asking the teacher every five minutes when his dad was coming to pick him up. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will do well.


angela said...

I hope too that the shots work. My hubs says the total replacement is not a bad surgery either. Much better than walking bone on bone or taking five minutes to go up steps...

Judy said...

I can almost hear my hip telling me, "Surgery is right around the corner," wish I could shut it up.. it is either murmuring or screaming, but so far---the Naproxan is helping quite a bit.