Friday, September 04, 2009

Never fails

We have been having a break from the stifling temperatures here in Swampland. One day, the mercury actually didn't go above 90! Wow, that was new. We have had a week of about 90 degree temperatures. Perhaps fall is just around the corner. I don't want to jinx the break. We can have high temperatures all the way until Halloween!

Yesterday I got to sit in the dental chair for yet another crown. I think I only have two more fillings left in my mouth and a few natural teeth. The thing about me getting a crown is that we have storms every time.

When I had a marathon crown visit (like seven) we had a terrible thunderstorm move through. We were almost finished with the temporary crowns when the lights went out. That meant no a/c, no lights, and probably no drill. Well those temporary crowns have to be drilled to fit.

If you have ever gotten a crown, you know how the teeth look. These were my top front teeth. I was beside myself. My dentist decided to see if there was enough air in the line to run the drill. There was. Hallelujah! With all the flashlights in the place focused on my mouth, the window open to allow air in, and the assistants fanning us both, the temporaries were in place.

This office has tv's in all the rooms. I was watching when a severe storm alert was in place for an area about 100 miles away. We got the temporary in place, and I was on my way. When I got outside, I could see how threatening the skies were. About a half hour later, the clouds opened up! I just sat here, comforting Simone through the thunder, laughing to myself. I guess to get rain, I have to get a crown.



Judy said...

I'm glad you didn't have to have that many root canals! I need about 25 crowns as all of my molars are fillings with a teeny, bit of tooth surrounding them, dental insurance means, taking care of what I've got and patching them up when they break.

I don't like thunder either so I know what Simone feels like--Tootz is the same way except she runs up and down the hallway barking at the thunder. they should make sound proof ear mufflers for dogs--I have my screw in ear plugs so I am good to go.

Susan Adcox said...

So many grandmothers and grandfathers have issues with their teeth. I know we were taught to brush our teeth, but we didn't go to the dentist often, and the older ones of us didn't have fluoride when we were small. Having to constantly have your teeth operated on is one of the indignities of age. Just be happy that you can afford to do so and that you get the blessing of rain when you do!