Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little less blood

I am a few vials lower in blood than I was when I woke. I went to the medical center where I had all my treatments because the lab is just upstairs from the clinic. I figured they could get the results to Dr Poison quickly and efficiently - at least for once. They don't really have a good track record, but they are right there. My chances are a little better. This lab does all the outpatient blood work, and they are affiliated with both major labs.

I am in awe however. I don't know where all the people have gone here in swampland. Yesterday we had to take the troop carrier to the doctor (the repair garage). There was no traffic. Usually the traffic is completely gridlocked. G wants to get the vehicles there by 7:30, and that is part of the teeth of rush hour(s). I wondered if it were perhaps Sunday, and we goofed. Then I tried to think of what holiday it could be.

G had a dentist appointment, and then he got to give blood, so he was gone until about noon. When he came home, he said we could go to lunch and he would then go to the craft store with me. I needed felt to make ornaments and fat quarters to make pony tail thingies for the Christmas store. We were about the only people in the store.

This morning, I was sleepy and couldn't get moving. I got to the lab about 8:30. There were no people in the waiting room. I later saw there had been two people in the back. I got right in! Where were all the people??

The vampire at the lab decided that she wasn't going to use the vein in the elbow. She was going to try for one in the forearm. Ummmmm - not! It didn't work (big surprise) so she went for the inside of the wrist. That HURT!!! But at least she got all the blood she needed!!

To award myself since I was fasting, I stopped at my favorite fast food place to pick up a breakfast. There were no cars in line. This situation is indeed strange.

Where are all the Swamplanders? Have they decided this place isn't fit for man nor beast? Is it mass vacation time? Are there that many jobless now? Whatever, it surely is easier to get around and get things done!


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