Thursday, September 17, 2009

Test results and other news

As usual, Dr Poison was late. He never gets to the office on time, and stupid me, always tries to get the first appointment. I still think it's better. If he's late, it's not going to get any better later in the day!

When he came in, we began to talk and his cell phone rang! This is the second time that has happened to me in the last two months. Dr Bones (my ortho) did the same thing on my first visit to him!! And they have the gaul to tell us to turn off our cell phones! Anyway, the marker number is well within limits, but it is still not low. From what I have read, unless it is over 38, there is not supposed to be a problem and mine has gotten to 26 (it has been around that area for two years). The second thing from what I have been reading today, that number that I have been hanging onto for two years isn't that accurate. Well, isn't that wonderful news.

I managed to stumble through the grocery store, and then I treated myself to Clown in the box. I know I shouldn't have, but I wanted a treat. When I was getting ready to leave, my driver's window would roll back up. The switch has been acting strange, and today was the day. Of course. We are leaving for the SSB for the weekend. So G will meet me at the garage this afternoon, and we will get it Monday.

In the generator saga, the guys installing the transfer switch (that gives the generator circuits to power) needs to be bolted to the wall. They need special bolts because our 35 year old brick is too soft (??) to hold the screws. They couldn't get back yesterday. The job guy called today and said they couldn't get here until - you guessed it, tomorrow. So that will be Tuesday.

The gas company told the generator people I had to call to get the meter. I had been calling. But I called regular customer service. They will be calling, wait for it, to set up installation in the next , yes you guessed, 3 business days. We are gone two of those. Mamma Mia!! You take three steps forward and get smacked back at least one.

So we will be off to the SSB. It won't be a quiet weekend as the three little ones (Daughter's family) will be there so SIL can set up his feeder. Well, I have a lot of work to do. G will just be the one going crazy. Shadow was going to stay at Son's house because G wants (feels he needs) to stop to see his mother. She probably has a small stroke a couple of weeks ago. But he has now decided that he can go along. We can take the cat and the dog into the assisted living place. Enough said on that.

I probably won't be back until Tuesday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with wonderful weather!


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judemiller1 said...

Doesn't sound like the trip to SSB nor the weekend there are going to be much rest for you.

Glad your numbers are good--26 is good or so my gf tells me--she is at 21 now and I sure hope those damn tests are reliable!

See ya next week--have a good weekend.