Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a day it's going to be!

I am old enough and have experienced Texas weather long enough to know that this won't last, but this is a beautiful fall day. The sun is shining (they forecast rain), and the temperature is wonderful. By this weekend however, we will be pushing 90 once again. So the weather, I'll enjoy today. It is a rare and precious thing.

My back yard is filled with workmen. There are about five guys from the gas company here to put in the new gas line and meter. It has only been ordered and paid since the middle of July. They are right timely, those folks.

There are also two from the generator company securing the transfer switch to the back of my garage. They were supposed to be here yesterday, but for some reason they didn't want to dodge the lightning bolts. Strange.

And to put the icing on the cake, I have a sick dog. She has not been sick since we have been back from vacation. But today . . . She, like the gas company, has such wonderful timing.

Oh, and the investment house - the seller's mortgage company still hasn't made up their mind about our offer. They are saying they have a month. If I could withdraw my offer without losing my $1000. But in the long run that may not be such a bad thing. It is too late in the year to get it rented. People usually don't move until after Christmas. Also, there has been so much activity with investors buying distressed properties that the rental market is glutted. I may just cut my losses.

Hope your day is a good one. I really hope for those in the deep south that the rains will have stopped.



Susan Adcox said...

I hate to drive, and yesterday I drove for hours in the rain. I had to take my daughter to the doctor, and we forgot her Xrays, so I had to drop her off and drive back to retrieve them. I'm not complaining about the rain. We needed it. But I hope next time it decides to come on a day when I can stay indoors!

flying eagle woman said...

although i love the rain i was also hopeful about those in the deep south that they had stopped...i someday want to GO to the deep south (other than in the airport) because it just sounds so exotic to me...HERE on the other hand, we're in the driest part of fire danger...i'm grateful for autumn and winter!!!! GRATEFUL! have a good day!