Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weather report

The first day of fall is going to be an unusual one for Texas! Usually, the day is just like any other at this time of year. Hot. That isn't going to be the case today. Right now, we are experiencing a fairly heavy rain. We have a cold front approaching! That is something that usually doesn't happen. So in addition to rain, our temperatures will moderate a bit.

While at the SSB, we watched the news from Capitol City. They had been enjoying a delightful respite from the usual temperatures for the summer. They had precious few days under the triple digits for most of the summer. Last week was cool and heavy rains. I think they would have liked the rain to come a little slower, but when you are in that kind of drought, rain is rain folks.

When I checked out electronic rain gauge at the SSB, we had 5.48 inches from the last time we were there. I knew we had a lot because a dirt tank we pass on the way that had been almost completely dry was full and overflowing.

It has been a strange year. The drought, heat, and absence of storms in the gulf! There is a great probability that we won't even have a big tropical depression come onshore now. It is past our season for such things. Plus with the apparently strong fronts coming, that will push any disturbed weather away.

So now the question becomes what will our winter bring? If it does to the extremes we have seen this summer, oh my! All I can say is that we are not prepared for biting cold weather. We blatantly leave exposed water pipes out. Our main water supply is just a pipe jutting out of the outside wall going into the ground. That puppy broke during one of the bitter winters a few years ago. We make valiant efforts to give it a nice blanket each year, but I always worry that it isn't enough.

What would we have to talk about if is wasn't for the weather??


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judemiller1 said...

I feel so sorry for my Fred--his name was on the tropical storm/hurricane list this year and we never got that far...he was soooo looking forward to hearing his name on the weather channel.