Friday, September 25, 2009

Have to brag!

When Daughter called this morning, she related a little bit of information about Lady Bug that I have to share.

First a little history about that little girl. She has curly, curly hair! When she was just over a year, it came in with the tight curls. When we would take her out, people would stop us and ask "are those curls natural." I felt a little like Bill Engval (Here's your sign guy). I wanted to say "no, we permed it last night!" But I also know those folks wanted to comment, and that was the first thing that came to mind. This little girl gets noticed!

Since she started school (she's third grade now), all the administrators and teachers know her. That could be good or bad! She is known at her school. Not only with the curls, but she really is smart. She is in the Gifted and Talented group. She has amazed me for years.

Our school district, like so many others, is in a financial bind, so they have eliminated busing within two miles of the school. These kids either walk or are taken by their parents. LB is a car rider because she would have to cross one of our busier streets, and at nine, we just don't think she is ready to walk. Our neighborhood is considered very safe. We have our own police, but . . .

So daughter got her to the drop off point at school. The teacher there greeted her, as normal, but asked her to stay with her a moment. The next car was one with one of the Down's children in it. He needs an escort to his class. There wasn't anyone around who could do that, so the teacher asked LB to do that. They only entrust these kids to ones that are known to be the most trustworthy. That would be my granddaughter.

I am so proud of her - not only for this, but so many other reasons. I really believe she is going to do wonderful things with her life.


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