Monday, September 14, 2009

Been thinking

For several days I have been thinking about being a survivor. Time goes by so quickly, and I tend to forget how long ago I was diagnosed. It has been two years and eight months. When I realized that I am halfway in the five year survival time, it kind of amazed me. I was so moved that I really thought I would celebrate the three years in January.

Thursday I get to see Dr Poison (my oncologist). I will go tomorrow or Wednesday morning to have the blood test done. This is always a time of a little apprehension. I always worry about what the cancer markers will show. I keep praying that number remains low. Otherwise, it's back.

Then I got to thinking about the Femara that I take daily to help keep it away. I wonder what will happen in three years when I quit taking it. Or will I quit taking it. That is a question I need to ask Dr Poison.

All this is a little overwhelming to me today! I guess I get this way right before my oncology appointments. As I have said before, when I was going in weekly (and daily for radiation), I looked forward to appointments being spaced out more. Now that they are, the time between appointments seems to be so long. I would almost like to have the Ca25,27 done monthly! But it will be done this week anyway.



judemiller1 said...

Those blood tests to count the numbers are two ways about it. Hey--you are a survivor anyway..oh yes, I know..the docs want to wait five years for that proclamation, but you are a survivor, to my way of thinking, when the chemo and radiation is over and the blood tests come back clear.

angela said...

My daughter has a children's book called "little one step." Your walk reminds me of that--when it seems forever away, remember how big forever is and take one day, one step at a time. It's really what all of us should do. You just realize it more.


flying eagle woman said...

i'm sending e-hugs to you RIGHT NOW