Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ahh weekend

I have hopes of a peaceful weekend. G is on his way to Austin to visit his mom. I told him I would go if he really wanted me to, but otherwise, I would like to stay home. I have hopes that Daughter will volunteer for Sunday dinner. I'm not going to hold my breath however. They usually wait until noon on Sunday to ask about it!

Next weekend is going to be the circus. That is family reunion weekend. We are doing the meat. I just hope it all comes together. SIL has promised that he will get the briskets done. He is going to take them to a customer in College Station who will do them in his restaurant equipment. If not, I will really be up a tree. I have four huge ones in my freezer. My smoker isn't big enough, and my Shake and Bake oven could do possibly three if I had pans big enough. I really miss my old ovens. They were large enough. These replacements are better insulated I guess. To fit the opening, I had to get ones that were smaller inside!

I bought the excess sausage from Wide Spot Community Club. It was from the celebration where I do one of my shows. They don't usually have any left - they sell "German Tacos" which is sausage wrapped in a tortilla. The Boy Scouts were set up close by selling fajitas. Whenever the Boy Scouts are near selling whatever you are selling - you are out of luck. Anyway, that is covered. I ordered smoked turkey from DIL's mom. It pays to know someone who orders food in bulk! She is the director of a child care facility. Sweet!

So this weekend, I am looking forward to peace and quiet. G will be gone until late this afternoon. Daughter and brood are attending the birthday party for the little girl across the street who goes to school with Lady Bug. They will be at the park for that party until 3. Son has a gig tonight, but they don't usually call anyway. Since it's Saturday, I don't expect any workers falling over one another in my backyard, but the gate is unlocked anyway.

I think I will mosey on up and work on stuff for my Christmas craft show! Have a great one!


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