Friday, September 11, 2009

I guess I am too impatient

Either I'm too impatient or I expected a miracle. In the continuing saga of the knees (I know, I'm sick of this subject too - but it's my life these days), they are actually some better. I think I was expecting complete renewal of those babies. Well, some relief is better than none. Perhaps the injections will work. I am satisfied to give it a month.

The generator guy showed up yesterday. His "after lunch" was a lot like the time line his company has been working on. We ordered that blasted thing June 30 or before. We are still waiting for it to be operational. Right now it is just sitting there behind the garage looking pretty. But C (the guy) said the next thing is to get the gas company out to put in the new meter and run the gas line, then get the electricians to hook it up. I hope that begins to happen next week. At least I have someone whom I have met, face to face, and will be our advocate. Going to the BBB site, I have the owner's name and his email. That also is comforting.

But with C not getting here until after 4, I wasn't able to go upstairs to the "studio" (that sounds so official - it's Son's old room that I have commandeered)to work on my embroidery projects. This afternoon looks pretty clear, so that's where I am headed in a bit. Housework? It will be here when I come down. I just won't let anyone in the door!! I know - I'll claim my knees are still too sore - shhhhh!!!



Judy said...

Sounds like a real winner of an excuse. The same one I use for taking an hour to just sit and watch TV and cross stitch---"my hip is bothering me today"--but it is a real excuse because the your knees and my hips really DO hurt. Are we going to live like this the rest of our lives--in this pain all the time?

Grandma K said...

The excuse is all too true. I have found on the days that I feel good, if I overdo, then I suffer. I'm afraid to say this is probably as good as it gets. I never thought I would have arthritis like this. I always thought I was ten feet tall and bullet proof. Well, I sure got educated about that!