Thursday, September 10, 2009

Such a busy life (not really)

Yesterday, I referred to the family reunion. G's family started having them about 30 years ago. My FIL was probably the motivating factor there because of the multitude of reunions in MIL's fmaily. He had ten siblings, and they would provide the meat (brisket - after all this IS Texas), paper goods, coffee and tea. The rest of the people (kids, etc) would bring the rest.

We are down to two of the siblings now. Several years ago, the children began picking up the responsibility of getting the location and providing what the siblings did (meat, etc). It would be the children of one of the siblings. This year it is our group's turn. Since the reunion location is closest to us (BIL made the mistake of wanting it in the Capitol City, but they are having a MAJOR three day event - no hotels!), G and I get to do the meat.

When we all were at the SSB weekend before last, we all got together at their house. We began divving up things to be done/provided. We had already decided on brisket. While we were sitting there, BIL said we should also have chicken for those who are on restricted diets. Now this is the same person who has a "eat more beef" bumper sticker on his truck - he had cattle before the drought. They are also the people who eat beef "maybe twice a month."

We usually average 60-70 people at these reunions. The beef isn't that much of a problem. It was .99 a pound this week. But chicken!! If we have chicken there, it won't only be those on a restricted diet to take it. If it is offered, more people than not will take both. We are also having sausage
that Community Club has (left from Itsy Bitsy Town's summer festival). I know just as well as I know I am sitting here that there are many people who will take all three meats.

So we decided it won't be chicken (even though they are .88 a pound for whole chickens this week). DIL's mom found smoked turkey. That's the "alternative meat." White meat loaded with salt. Yeah.

In better news, it is raining! It rained yesterday, it will rain today, and there is the dreaded low in the gulf! It will possibly be a toad strangler this weekend. But it holds the temperature down. I love it!! We didn't even reach 90 yesterday. Our fall is just around the corner (like late October)!

I didn't report on the ortho doc appointment, and Judy was sweet enough to ask about the knee condition. I told him that I didn't get the relief from the second injections, yada, yada. He went ahead with the third. I asked him where we go from here, and he said to give it a month.

I am so glad I had G go with me. It was comforting to know that I had someone with me so I wouldn't fall, and there were no close handicapped parking places. He also remarked about the trek from parking to the office. I really don't think they could have gotten farther away!! So my knees still hurt. They woke me a couple of times last night.

I think I may be expecting too much from these injections. I was expecting the magic bullet. I was expecting full mobility with no pain. So I will give it a month. I will dedicate myself to getting some of these pounds off. I know it will be a rough road; they like me too much and want to keep me company. I see another two surgeries in my future (gee - I'm psychic - ha!).

The generator guy called and will be coming by just to see what has been done. He's not directly involved with the installation, but he said he will do what he can. He is just not sure where we stand. Hope springs eternal here.



flying eagle woman said...

mmmm your musings merit a cup of spiced green tea and closing the door of my office to pretend i'm sitting in a nice flowered garden...sorry about the knees...hope things work out better!

judemiller1 said...

I sure hope the injections help--I am soooooo hoping for that. I know how it feels for every day to be filled with pain when doing such an ordinary thing like walking. We have to walk EVERYWHERE--it is one of our human instinctual things.

I'm still taking the Naproxen for the pain and it really helps=--just hope I don't get a bleeding ulcer from the meds.

Ah-hh life--ain't it fun to get old?

Susan Adcox said...

Family reunions are great, but they can be a lot of work. Here's some advice about family reunions: how to do them the easy way, the cheap way, and a way that's in between. I also have some great reunion tips that I've gleaned from other grandmas.

Hope your knees get better!