Sunday, October 05, 2014

Busy Day

First it was church. Yes, we are still going, but I really don't know how much longer.  We were greeted so warmly by our friends.  Pastor - rather cool, but then so was I to a great extent!

This afternoon, Delaney's birthday party.  She turned 4 on the 30th.  The party will be at a restaurant that has lots of things for the kids (including a horse to ride - lucky horse), and things adults like to do.  So it won't be bad.  It's at 3, so I would imagine we will just get something to drink.  It's a dutch treat thing.  It's ok.  I got her several Barbie things.

Don't groan, but here are some pictures!  (and at this point it is easy to leave)
This was part of us just driving around.  We went to Peugeot Sound to find information about the ferry.  We stopped to look here.  It was a beautiful place in it's own, but G's attention was below the cliff.  If you look closely, there is a track and far, far to the left there is a train coming!!

This is the same place looking the other way.  There are lovely homes to the right.  I can only imagine how great their view is all the time. 

This is a view from the little bar and grill where we ate lunch.  It had an outside deck.  We sat out there even though it was a little chilly.  Good view of the crossing - if the bus had not been there.  There was a train coming, but the bus got in the way.

Tomorrow - another National Park!


Judy said...

Ah yes--it would be wonderful to have that view ALL THE TIME.

Jeanette said...

Very nice! It certainly would be wonderful to have a view like that!



Marti said...

You are so funny "and at this point it is easy to leave." I love looking at pictures, especially places I've never been and will likely never go. It would be wonderful to have that view every single day. I wonder if they take it for granted?