Friday, October 03, 2014

What a day!

I don't know where my stamina has gone.  I thought I could get a lot more things done today - like the second really important one of getting my four year old granddaughter's birthday present.  But after a pedicure, lunch, and the first important thing of grocery shopping, I am done in!  Yes grocery shopping was number one - remember I basically have been gone for a month - therefore no real food in the house (perishables anyway).

When we finally got home it was 1:30.  Going to Target would have put me out until the "witching hour" of 2:30 when the middle schools and high schools let out.  By then, AND it being Friday, the traffic in our little corner of the world would be horrible.  Especially since the main freeway out this way is completely torn up so they can add four lanes.  All feeder roads are a mess - usually one lane.  Just too much traffic.  So I will rise early tomorrow and head out.  Party on Sunday!

So -- we have left Glacier, and the trip will head to Seattle.  I thought Los Angeles had bad traffic - same with here, Dallas, and Austin.  Seattle is HORRIBLE!!  We got there about 6pm.  There was complete grid lock everywhere.  Two different highways - both gridlocked.  I think it was Highway 5 headed to Canada was a nightmare.  There would be 4-6 lanes that would suddenly become 2-3.  Horrid driving.  And we had been driving from Whitefish, Montana to Seattle.  Ugh.  But here goes with the next pics.
Oh - look !  A gap to our right!!  We were traveling about 15 mph.  This little stretch is right after there used to be 5 lanes.  Horrible, horrible!!!!!

Close as I got.  But I did see it!

I has SAID this was one place I really wanted to visit in Seattle.  I wanted to see them throwing the fish and all that.  When we got there, I figured there are plenty of festivals and flea markets around here.  I don't do crowds well.  Plus I didn't want to hear more cussin' at the traffic and finding a parking place.  I thought that little 4 cylinder Corolla wasn't going to climb the hill that we turned on to after this picture either!

This is looking into the old downtown section of Seattle.  Seems like they built a whole new town on top of the old one that was made up of saloons and whore houses.  There is still a perfect town under the street level.  This was a compromise.  I didn't get to the market, G didn't get to take the underground tour.  For the same reason.  Plus we didn't want to get back on the highway since we were staying outside Seattle during rush hour - whenever that might be (all the time??


Sally Crowe said...

Wow - I guess it's traffic everywhere these days. Such a pity, really. I guess Seattle has changed a lot since I was five. :)

I love the bottom photo, and so glad you got close enough to see the space needle (am I right about what that is).

I wanted to thank you for your comment today. My brother works at ATT also; has for 41 years, but no longer doing outside work. He's actually (for the past six years) the President of the local union here. I don't think he'll be able to help me though. Just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying taking that trip with you, and appreciate you sharing! :)

Grandma K said...

Thank you Sally. I amso afraid I will be boring everyone, but then I guess they can simple leave!! Brian began in installation and repair about 20 years ago. Almost out of high school. He is doing fiber now. But I know how the tech is watched. Our Uverse techs were greatly. It was just such a lousy service

Judy said...

I am so enjoying these photos. I didn't realize that Seattle was all that crowded with traffic. I guess I still think of the North West as wide open, LOL. Reminds me of driving in Boston!! YUCK!

Jeanette said...

Traffic drives me crazy anymore! It sucks to have to deal with it during a vacation though! Nice pictures and I'm glad you got at least a glimpse of the space needle!