Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Running from allergies - or a cold!

This was yesterday's post!  Blogger decided it didn't like the pictures I was trying to upload, so it quit.  Just flat quit.  So I logged out, then got busy.  With any luck, it will post today!  There are more than usual - since I basically missed a day!

Annnnnnd, I had the cursor in the wrong place, so surprise.  Pictures first today.  I am not going to fight again today.  The words are at the end!  With a picture between paragraphs.  I amaze myself with my ability to master Blogger!

Our mode of transportation.  I don't know if this is the one we were on - but going/coming I am sure it was one. 

I am fascinated by a ferry - especially one that takes cars.  When we went to Nova Scotia, we took the BIG cat across to Halifax from Bar Harbor.  Talk about fancy.  This one is pretty plain Jane, but still.  This thing takes buses, semis, and tractors!  Huge amount of vehicles, but you aren't really crammed together below.  Neat.

I have looked for the name of this body of water.  I think you are aware now that I am fascinated by water. Water falls, lakes, rivers.  All of it.  I have looked on the maps, and it is called a river, a bay, etc.  So since I am not sure exactly WHERE this is, I have no idea what the name is.  It is on the way to Olympia National Park.  It goes on and on!

We kept looking for the entrance to the park.  We were about to give up when we took this one.  This is a neat  little information place.  But I was amazed at the FERN in the center of the picture.  I am fully aware of the fact this is a rain forest, but still!  I imagine it gets cold here.  We are between the Pacific and Seattle.  Just south of Canada!

As I said - rain forest biome!  Thick, thick forest.  Really pretty.

When we got to the end of the road - literally, it was a resort.  They have hot springs - which was no surprise when we opened the car door!  This is a resort that has a bunch of little cabins scattered around.  Seems to be very popular. Looks like they "treat" the water from the hot springs. 

Couldn't resist another picture of the water with the mountains around it.  We were returning to the ferry here.

I stayed in the car this time.  If you look carefully ahead, you can see this is a piece of heavy equipment ahead of us.  You can't see them but on the left, there are two school buses taking kids home from school.

Allergens abound in this area presently.  I take my antihistamine daily (probably over a greater period than I should), but I have that sometimes itchy throat which is now a little sore at the junction point of the nasal cavity and upper throat.  That symptom could either be a cold or allergy.  Even after all these years, I can't tell!

Delaney's party was nice.  I didn't get caught with Christina's dad this time.  Every other party, he attaches himself to us like glue.  I guess when we said he couldn't do a "day hunt" with his kids (all adults but one plus MY son) on our property, he doesn't like us.  Ah, too bad.  I referred him to a neighbor who had stocked his place with exotics.  The least Chris could get by with to hunt there was about $2000 a gun!  But he always brags about having so much money.   I guess free deer would be better for him.

OK - today we go across the sound to Olympic National Park.  Let me just say, G really didn't know where we were going.  We drove and drove looking for the entrance.  We finally decided we would pull into the next gate we found.  Their entrances are not like any other park we have visited,  After getting home we believe this was the main gate.

By the way - we have a senior pass that we got when we took the grands to Alpine, Texas.  We went to Ft Davis when we were there - and now we get into the National Parks FREE!  Free is always good.

On the horizon, blending in with the sky and haze is Mt Rainer.  I took about six pictures to try to get it - this is the best.  You still can't see it!!!!  But it is there!


Judy said...

I do love the NorthWest part of our country. Goegeous!

Sally said...

I believe I see it! And, I didn't have much trouble at all. Love all the pics. We have a ferry here but not anything as nice as that. I sure hope you're not getting sick.