Friday, August 08, 2014


I thought I was being so smart!  Well - you know what happens when you get that attitude, and yes it happened.

I have two digitizing programs for machine embroidery designs.  One is fairly inexpensive, and the other is horribly expensive.   One I used successfully this year and it worked beautifully although it was such a dense design - way too many stitches.  The other has always overwhelmed me.  The one I used was the less expensive - of course.

Christina and her friend are really getting into this gourmet kettle corn stuff.  I do aprons, so I thought it would be really great to surprise her with aprons that were embroidered with their logo. 


I used the less expensive program.  This time, there were a lot of stitches that should have been there.  Not good at all.  I didn't even put it on the machine.  So I got the big program.  I digitized one form of the logo.  It looked really good on the screen.  I took it up, loaded it, did a brief trial by stitching portions of the design.  All looked good.

So instead of doing the whole thing (and I should know better) I did the apron.   There were still portions missing.  When I tried the old tried and true way of filling in - using a permanent marker - the fabric absorbed the ink and it spread.  Ugly. 

I returned to the computer and then could see why.  There are little bits of colors that couldn't be picked up.  So I fiddled with it, but couldn't fill those in.  I KNOW there is a way, but... 

I took the other logo and worked on it.  Last night it looked really great.  This morning I reloaded it on the computer and it looks weak.  I think there are colors there that don't show up.  I am going to do a trial to see what it really looks like, and if it is thick enough I will then put it on an apron.

So how was your day?


Judy said...

Why don't you just put the pattern in your scanner, enlarge it and print it out in fourths? Then you could see all the stitches and the colors needed. I do that with cross stitch patterns all the time--larger and easier to read.

Grandma K said...

The stitches have to be put in by the computer. I have never really tried to digitize before this - even though I have had the program for several years. I learned a very important step when I did the second design - to redraw the stitches! That gave me good solid, filled satin stitches!