Monday, August 11, 2014

All the news that is news today,

And gosh I am tired!

Guess who had Krissi's younger two.  Me!  They were great until almost lunch.  Then Karrington got bored and constantly asked when we were going to have lunch.  They thought, I'm sure, that I was going to take them out to lunch.

But grandma had other ideas.  I had frankfurters (I am making a real effort to use that term rather than wieners - because of the giggling from the peanut gallery) and buns.  So we would have hot dogs.  Then I asked what they wanted on their hot dogs.  The first answer was chili.  I didn't offer chili dogs!  Then it was ketchup and cheese.  Fortunately I had some ketchup.  I thought Reagan was out of having to eat ketchup.  The cheese was frozen.  But they got it.

They were good until the energy that kids have hit - in abundance.  Then they got really tired of all of  each other.  So the fighting began.  After I got that quelled, the running around began.  If Karrington had not had on such a cute (and expensive) dress - they would have been outside running. 

Finally mom got here and saved me!

I tried going back to the digitizer today.   I forgot how to do it.  Back to the drawing board.

My new, used (refurbished) camera arrived.  I really hate getting a new camera.  I hate putting that strap on it.  My manual dexterity has flown out the window.  I forget how it winds over itself and back.

But I really thought it hadn't been packed.  I was ready to take the one off the camera I am sending in.  But I found the new one.  Now if I can get it put on I will be a happy camper.

So another day.  Tomorrow early rising to get to the cardio doc.  Sweet man.  Waste of time.


Marti said...

And there I thought I wanted grandchildren. lol

Judy said...

They can wear out a person in half a day!!!