Friday, August 29, 2014

Mean old woman

I guess that's what I am becoming.  I find myself tending to see all the injustices.  Then I get mad.  I think I need to take heed to the song from Frozen.   I need to "let it go."  But instead I find myself harboring these feelings and they fester.

I need to just accept that my son is becoming a stranger.  When we talk on the phone, it isn't the same as it used to be.  Conversations are just stilted.  That is WHEN we have them.

After spending a week at the SSB with our crazy neighbor who is out there building another road next to the existing one because he is apparently mad at the other neighbor gets to me.  We are caught in the middle of that one.  He has tried to deny us easement through his property at all, and had to allow the other people easement.  So he is building a road that will be the easement.  But the road he is building is going to be a terrible road.  Geesh!

I am really worried about my SIL who lives up there.  She is there alone except for her remaining dI think her drinking has gotten out of hand.  She said she woke with a black eye and a finger that really hurt - probably broken - and doesn't remember what happened.  Her son was there, but they were in the hunter's cabin.  As  it turned out, she had to have a pin put in the finger (G drove her to and from the hospital).  She is broke.  I don't know where her inheritance has gone.  She has let the house go to pot.  It is in terrible condition. Her parents are probably rolling over in their graves - or would be having a fit if they could see it now.  She says she is broke.  She only has a cell.  She has given up her satellite TV.  I don't know what is going to happen to her.  It is well known she has a very addictive trait.  She has been in "trouble" more than once.  I just pray someone doesn't find her OD'ed some day.

So I am in a great mood today.  And I am really going to make an effort to "let it go" and be happy.

Tonight should be interesting.  G sent a rather scathing letter (email) to Pastor telling him we were not happy with the little kingdom (literally and Pastor is the King) that is our church.   He told him we should have a church council with committees, the Pastor should not be involved with the finances of the church, and he needs to stop appointing his "yes" people to this Council of Elders that never has open nominations.  Tonight we will be there for the "Trivia night" we have one a month.  Should be verrrrrry interesting.

I am so glad to be home - but it is short lived.  We will be leaving again on the 5th.  This time we are headed to New Orleans, Chicago, and eventually Glacier National Park by train, and then drive home.  G is thrilled.  Last night on "Wheel of Fortune" a contestant said they had been traveling for six weeks.  He said he would love to do that.  I just cringed!

I am becoming such a home body.  THIS home. 

So - I will stop my complaining now.  Hopefully I will look on the bright side more.


Sally said...

It's really sad how difficult life can be at times. Especially sad when the people we care so much about tend to pull away.

I'm saying a prayer for you all.

Judy said...

I know what you mean about all of this! Everything ticks me off nowadays--but--with good reason, DANGIT!!

Marti said...

I understand your pain about your son. I only hear from my oldest dd when she wants something, which is very seldom after Hubby told her we wouldn't be bailing her out again if she moved back to OK, which she did.

I hope things work out with the church. It's really tough when the pastor wants to be in control of everything. And I totally agree that the pastor shouldn't be in charge of finances. We used to go to a church where a friend of mine was church secretary. After she no longer worked there, and we no longer went there, she told me that the pastor wanted a list of the big contributors every week so he could brown nose.