Sunday, August 10, 2014

The celebrations roll on and other musings

Yep - more celebrations last night.  Since the swimmers were in California for Karrington's and my birthdays, we gathered as a family last night to celebrate those two.  I used my birthday present from G and roasted two pork loins. I had a total of 8 pounds of meat in that cooker.  I decided to use the stream bake because I really wasn't sure how it would handle that much meat.  When you are cooking for 12 it takes a lot of food.  The roasts were done in about 90 minutes - just like a real oven.  AND it didn't heat up the house.  Of course, I foolishly allotted something like 2+ hours.  But there is a "buffet" mode which kept the roasts nicely warm, and the steam cooking meant they were moist.  Success.

Today is our 46th anniversary.  I swear there are times I wonder if we will make 47, and marvel that we made 46.  It certainly hasn't been smooth sailing.

Then tomorrow we will have another (contrived) celebration.  We will have had Clyde for one year.  He has settled in quite nicely, and he is really a good dog.  That's even with his new learned behavior that makes us believe he really must go out to relieve himself.  That's a chore on these days of the heat index being well over 100.  Needless to say, when he just sniffs the air, we become a bit perturbed with the little fella.

Today will be quite nice in that I don't have to clean house for "guests" nor do I have to prepare a meal for a crowd.  Possibly we will head over to Krissi's for dinner - or not.  G probably won't want to go.  He gets that way, and it seems all the programs we like on TV are on Sunday night.  With those like "True Blood" we can't share them with the grands.  In a way, I think I might like to stay home anyway.

Tomorrow I will watch Karrington and Reagan.  Katie is at the beach with some friends and one of the girl's parents.  They won't be home until Tuesday about noon, and Steve has to fly to Denver.  So I get them.  I was hoping G would take them to "Masters of the Universe" (or whatever it is).  But he's talking Tuesday or Wednesday.  We'll see.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Judy said...

47 years? You might as well hang in there. All my friends have been married 57 years--they have barely spoken to each other in the last decade, they really can barely stand each other, but it's nice to have someone else in the house in case you fall or something--they can call 911.

Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary! ( I hope!)