Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From the land of the slooooooow internet

We have been here since last Thursday.  We - minus one black kitty.  He decided that he was going to hide before I could get him ready to go in the carrier.  So, he has had the house to himself.

It is HOT here.  But then it is late August in Central Texas.  And this part of Central Texas is in the semi-arid desert like place.  So this is no surprise. 

Now begins the petty stuff.  On Sunday I got a text from my son.  You know that I have long accepted the axiom about "a daughter is a daughter ... and a son is a son..."  I try to be very accepting of that, but this time I was pushed too far.  He had the audacity to send a text (a TEXT mind you) that was quoting his Father in law.  It was that he was looking for a day type lease to do  about a four day/three night deer hunt for the FIVE (FIL, his three sons and Brian) of them and would we be interested in letting them on here - and if not did we know anyone who would do that?

Now - why did that make me boil?  First - Brian hasn't set foot on this place in about two years, and even then he only comes every other year. Even when they would come here, they would stay about two nights, and head off to FIL's place that he then had fairly close to here.  (He sold it last year)  Second, in this time, they have spent two weeks at "camp" with them (it is a Baptist retreat in Louisiana where they are two-faced.  The alcohol flows freely with the exception of the service at night), a cruise for a week, and most recently at the beacn for a week.

I should just let it go, but I am so angry.  I can't believe Brian would even bring this up to me.  I have thought about this at length, and I really believe I am going to tell him how I feel.

I accept they are going to be closer to her family.  It happens.  Her mom and dad divorced quite a while ago, and she was not close to him for years.  He is a controlling SOB.  I am sure that's one reason Ginger divorced him.  So he wheedled his  way back in after the first baby, and has been throwing his money around since to pull them in.

My feelings have really been stomped on.  I am angry and hurt.  I am about ready to tell G that when we aren't able to come up anymore to care-take, we just sell it.  Krissi and all are too busy to commit to make the trip, and Brian just doesn't seem to care - unless it's to bring four other people who could end up taking 15 deer from the place.

I just don't know what's going to happen when we are gone, but then I guess I won't really care.  I need to just "let it go!"


Sally said...

Oh my. I am SO sorry. Life just isn't fair sometimes. I'm saying a prayer for you at this moment.


Judy said...

I don't blame you one bit for being mad. I get that feeling a lot lately, it seems. My two youngest kids wanted me to move down here where, "You will be near us and the grand kids." Well--here I am--where are they? I rarely see either family. I just want to move back home to be near my sister and my oldest daughter and son.