Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your kids watch

Even when you do things that you may regret, they watch and model after you.

Back many years ago, Krissi went out with a couple of boys we knew very well.  I wasn't happy about them going to a Country/Western dance place that did allow under-aged kids in along with the adults.  She had a curfew of about midnight.  I think that's right - may have been a little later.

There were a couple of reasons for that curfew.  One - nothing good happens after midnight.  Two I had to be up early to play early services at a church 30 miles from home.  I needed my sleep.  When my kids were out - I didn't sleep until they were home.  That's why I always liked having the "slumber parties" right here.  I didn't mind having bodies strewn over my den floor at all!

So she and the guys were out.  Her curfew time was approaching.  Then it was past.  This was  before the proliferation of cell phones.  In fact the huge bag phones were the ones that were out.  IF you were lucky, you had a brick phone. 

When she finally arrived, I grounded her.  She plead her case that she couldn't get the guys out early, then I think the truck was blocked.  I guess I was unreasonable - but the grounding stuck.

She still remembers that.  And I am sure she is still very bitter.  But those guys knew me well.  They should have known I meant business.  To rub salt in the wound for her, I think one of the guys kidded her about the grounding.

So where am I going?  Katie had a similar problem.  She went to Galveston with about six of her friends and one's parent. They were to be back here at noon.  (Ummmm - something about that 12 o'clock time).  I couldn't take the other two so Krissi could go to work because I was at the cardiodoc. 

Krissi was really angry.  Probably if Katie had not texted her mom at 2am telling her they were once again playing with the Ouige (spelling ??) board it wouldn't have been so bad, but she did.  Don't wake your mom from a dead sleep especially when you and your dad are out of town!!!

I don't know it Katie is grounded or not.  I know they "talked" about it.  I know that Krissi knows that it really wasn't all her fault - she can't direct an adult to get a move on to get home.  But every time Krissi talks about this - she remembers when ...


Marti said...

LOL, if it made a big impression on Krissi, she may make the same stand you did. Was it an irresponsible adult with them? Seems like the adult could have called the parents and arranged to get the kids home.


I got grounded once along with a switching...I never needed it again..once was enough/

Judy said...

I got grounded and slapped because I broke my midnight curfew--this was the weekend before my wedding, LOL. As long as I lived in his house--I had to abide his rules!!!