Saturday, August 09, 2014

Learned a lot

I got the second design digitized properly yesterday.  It stitched out really well - once I quit fiddling with the hoop which caused the design to shift a little - but not much.  I was able to fix those little stray stitches.  But generally I am pleased with the outcome.  Now I will go back to re-digitize the other design that I like so much better.  We will see what Christina thinks.

I will post a picture (after much weeping and gnashing of teeth).  That's because for some reason this computer just doesn't like to download some things.  A lot of embroidery designs (even though they were free) were lost because they didn't download.  I think my anti-virus/firewall programs are fighting, and my downloads are paying the price.  So I had to turn them off and download the picture.  I wasn't too afraid of doing that because it was my own file so I knew there were no little trojans or other things attached.

So here it is - needs to be pressed, but ...  Here it is hot off the machine and just freed from the hoop!


Jeanette said...

That's really beautiful!

Judy said...

I think, now, I understand what you are doing. You load a pattern in a machine, put the cloth in a hoop under the needles and the machine stitches it? Am I right? I have been so confused--I thought you were stitching by hand.