Thursday, August 07, 2014

Venturing into something new

I have spent the last week or so trying to find a place that would even consider repairing the LCD screen on my new Olympus.  It isn't an expensive or complicated camera.  It is a nice "point and shoot."  Some of the repair facilities were really curt in their answers.

Plus, I do not venture into Houston these days unless it is a real emergency.  Our freeway is under MAJOR construction - like adding two lanes in each direction and that is causing them to move the access roads out.  What. A. Mess.  Lanes are being changed all the time, and some are so narrow they seem better suited to bicycles than cars.  So most of the camera repair places are - you guessed it - in Houston.  Almost downtown.  Not for me.  Nope.

So I found one place on line that advertises they replace the LCD on even this camera.  Yipee!  No travel to downtown.  So, and here's the glich, I emailed for a quote.  I only paid about $140 for this camera, I don't want to sign a blank check for repairs that may be almost (or more) than what I paid.

I sent the email on Saturday asking for a quote.  Monday morning there was a response in my email asking the make and model.  I provided that information.  And that was the end of all communication.

That was the end of that idea for me.  I could see shipping the camera off, paying big bucks for repair that would take a year.  Nope.  Not something I am going to do.  People working for these companies need to realize that they are the representatives of the company we want to do business with.  This incident didn't inspire confidence in me.

So last night I decided I would look at my fav spot.  I went on Amazon to see what they had.  That's where I came across my new idea.  I can trade in the old camera; I just had to be honest about its condition.  The lens is perfect, the body is perfect.  It's just the LCD. 

I also found a refurbished camera like this one.  Good price.  It was refurbished by Olympus.  I think this is probably where the old one is going after I send it in.  Anyway - I get about $70 for the camera, and the new one, since it is refurbished (with a guarantee) is about $130. 

I think I will at least break even.  I don't pay for repairs.  And more importantly, I don't have to drive anywhere near downtown Houston.  Yea.  Win/win I hope.

Shopping and lunch with Karrington went well.  She knew she wanted to go to Tar*et.  Great.  I asked about lunch.  No problem.  Steak and S*ake. OK.  We got into the store, and I think she knew all along what she wanted.  I asked if she wanted clothes.  Nope - she had a greater wardrobe that three normal little girls.  Did she want toys.  YES. 

We got to the toy department, and she hesitated.  I told her "this is your world - go for it!"  There was another grandmother there who gave me a knowing  smile.  I told her that I sometime question my sanity when I take grandchildren shopping.  She agreed.

After cruizing the isles three times, we ended up back on a panda that I think moves.  I really didn't look too closely because I knew Krissi would groan.  Another stuffed animal!  But she knows that if I take them shopping, if they want it, and it is in the budget that is in my mind, that's what they get.

So Karrington's zoo had a new addition!


Judy said...

Absolutely! When shopping with Grandma for your birthday present--you get what you want! Deal with their Mom later. As for the camera, I recently did the same thing. Loves my!!!

Jeanette said...

The LCD screen on my camera is pretty messed up too but I'm just going to deal with it! You are a nice grandma!