Monday, August 04, 2014

Really is six degrees of separation - or less!

Katie had become close friends with another girl on her team.  They had done the competitive swim club things together and now are doing water polo.  The girl spends the winter in Singapore, where her dad works.  She is back in the NW Houston area in the summers.

She was talking about her grandparents once lived in our little city - Jersey Village.  The girls thought nothing of it.  When Krissi heard this fact AND the last name of the girl, I bright light went off in her head.

When they were moving back from San Antonio, and Katie was only a few months old, the house they were trying to buy fell through.   The owner had divorced, remarried and had a young son.  You know how that story goes.  Well he was separated at this time, and he was in a hospital in Canada.  The reason he was there was that when he was putting up Christmas lights at some time, he fell from the second story - ON HIS HEAD.  Thus he was deemed incompetent to sigh legal papers, AND it was nearing closing (the next day) that the presence of this little boy - a legal heir was discovered.  No. Clear. Title.

They began looking immediately, and found the house they are in now.  It wasn't as nice as the first house, and now I know why such a large house was such a deal.  But this house was OK.  They could be happy there.  The man was rather a jerk.  The offer was for full price, but he balked when he was asked to pay for a $400 insurance on all the appliances - the home warranty thing.  The house is the same age as ours, so then it was over 25 years.  I couldn't believe he was willing for the deal to go south over a home warranty item.  But when I was in real estate - I had one that almost died because of a shower head - at closing!

So when Krissi heard the other girls last name she was absolutely shocked. You probably see where this is going - she is the granddaughter of the owners that Krissi and Steve bought from! 



Marti said...

How neat! I thought you were going to say she was related to the owner of the first house though. Has she ever been to the house?

That's too bad about the girls not getting a gold medal. We ran into some of those rude players and parents in soccer too. I just wanted to scream that it was just a game and none of our kids were going to even take it to college.

Judy said...

I love these sort of weird, serendipity things. How cool!

Jeanette said...

It's a small world!