Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Musings for the day

Since I don't post comments to my own page, I am wondering if it's Blogger or the individual who has changed the way you post comments.  On a couple of pages, I have made at least two attempts to post a comment.  On one - I just gave up.  It may or may not be well known, but I do have two Gmail accounts.  If I am in the "wrong"one the signature on the comment is different.  Imagine that.

That in itself will cause a problem when trying to post a comment because I want to change it.  What is happening is that I write my comment, go to publish, I choose my account, then my comment is gone - vanished.  So if I am not commenting - sorry.  I guess I will have to see if my blog does the same thing to folks.


Went to the cardio doc.  Told him about my problems with other doctors telling me I had an irregular heart beat.  Even at the hospital when I had the colonoscopy.  I was afraid they wouldn't do the procedure, and after I had done the prep I would have been really upset.  So now I get to wear a Holter Monitor for a day.  At least when it gets here.  The one they had at the office didn't have any leads on it.  AND I get to go back next week for the results.  Couldn't they just mail them or phone me???  Parking there is a nightmare, and this appointment is for 11 am.  Uh, and AFTER my 8 am appointment with the opthalamologist.  My grand total of appointments for next week is standing at 3 right now.

I wanted to sign up for the Patient Portal they have.  There must be 14 million trying to do the same thing.  I would type in two letters for something and it would take one, if I were lucky.  Then I got completely dumped.  So I guess I will have to start over with another phone call for a "temporary" id number.  Geesh.


Really need to go to the grocery store.  We have no lettuce, tomato, or anything else for salads which we are now eating at lunch especially.  No fresh veggies which are becoming a huge part of our meals.  I just really don't want to venture out.  Been out once.  That should be enough.  I am a hermit after all.

So I will now take all my whining and try to adjust my attitude.  Have a great day.

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Judy said...

I had to go out for groceries today--which ticked me off because I was just out last Friday. I too am a hermit.