Saturday, August 02, 2014


Just got the notice (via Facebook of course).  Katie's team is basically two games away from a gold medal!  They play today, and the winner of that game plays for the medal. 

Oh, how I wish I were there!!
Here she is - sitting on the floor of their vacation apartment - hair a little dry from the chlorine!  Good luck, Baby!


Jeanette said...

Fantastic! Good luck to them!


hot dang.

Grandma K said...

OK - my son-in-law understands football and baseball, but swimming and water polo - not so much. This game is important, but it determines the Semi (? here grandma is weak too)Finals and placement. Regardless, this little team from Houston, Texas, where competetive swimming and water polo especially are not really big sports has gotten this far out there swimming among the West Coast teams and East Coast teams where this is a big sport. Way to go 14u girls!