Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh the sports!

Karrington just turned 7.  She has now been through two water polo practices.  Amazingly, she is still enjoying it.  Perhaps she has found what she wants to do.  For the longest time, I thought she would be the cheerleader for her older siblings.  Cheer was her passion.  I really don't know if she can hold the tears off long enough to play water polo.  She IS prone to crying - a lot.

Reagan is saying he likes football.  I said he is saying because after the first practice, I was not sure.  His dad is back from his trip, and they went to practice last night.  I think you can read between those lines.  I believe today they practice with full pads, and the temperature is going to be August normal for Southeast Texas.  Hot as a pepper, and humid as a steam room.  We will see!

I have been working on getting the old Dell laptop set up for being the computer for my embroidery designs. I have to remind myself that I have accumulated these designs over a seven year time period - at least.  AND I add some each and every day.  Finding ones I like that are free has become a passion.  Addictive personality and all.

I finally had all the designs loaded on it.  Now I have to open all those zip files of the downloads I haven't addressed in a couple of years, delete all the extensions that are not my machine type, and put them into the proper folder so that I can find them!  I STILL have a long, long way to go!

Tomorrow is going to be a very  early day.  Clyde goes west of here about an hour for a very important training session.  He is going through snake training.  He will be trained to recognize snakes by sight, sound and smell.  With all the durned rattle snakes at the SSB, this is crucial training.  He was supposed to be through this last October, but cold winter descended upon us early rendering the snakes too sluggish for training.

We will have to watch this training that entails a shock collar.  All his previous trainings haven' t been adversion training.  But when I think of what a snake bite would entail this is pretty simple.  So many folks up there have lost their animals.  Regardless of them living through it or not - if treatment is sought out, there is a big vet bill with it.  We never let him go without a leash because of all the cactus, but the one time he was close to a rattler, he was trying to sniff it.  Thankfully it was during cold weather and the snake was so lethargic.  It was stretch out against the concrete retaining wall to try to get some warmth.

So early to rise tomorrow!  Have a good one.


Marti said...

I feel for all those kids playing outdoor sports when it is hot. For some reason, I thought they would practice indoors down there until it got cooler. He won't be alone if it finds it miserably hot.

We had the snake training with one of our dogs, since dh took her hunting in snake country every fall. It does work and definitely worth it. Our other dog got bit in our yard, but not by a rattlesnake. Still made her nose swell up and she was miserable for several days.


kids in sports are ahead of kids not in sports..good for them.

Judy said...

I would not be able to watch the snake training, as I presume they use REAL LIVE snakes? I guess I can never live in Texas!!! Snakes out in the open, sunning on the retaining wall? I shall have nightmares tonight!

Sally said...

I recently learned that our next door neighbor had a rattler right in the front door when she opened it. Like Judy, scared me to death just thinking about it.

Sure hope the grands will continue to like the sports IF it's what they truly love. My two grandchildren (when they were young) loved playing ball. One a girl, the other a boy. Of course, You've probably read that I lost my grandson at l7 on a motocross track. :(

My great granddaughter, the one who is sick, loves horses and rides every chance she gets. Her paternal grandmother had her on a horse before she was two; of course not by herself. :)

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

Sally said...

Goodness gracious, I meant to say my great granddaughter who is EIGHT, not sick thank goodness. LOL