Monday, August 18, 2014

Blinded by the light

Not really, just seemed appropriate since I have just returned from one of the many appointments with the various physicians in my stable who keep this body going!  This one was the regular eye doctor, as opposed to the retinal doctor whom I see once a month.

I guess blinded by the light is a little appropriate for two reasons.  One, she uses that awful bright spotlight at the end of the session to look at the retina, and two, I had to have my eyes dilated.  I am always "blinded by the light" for quite a while!

Tomorrow is the long awaited appointment with Dr Poison.We will see where I stand with the Ca25.27 levels.  Come on chant with me "lower, lower, lower!"  Since I am getting so good at complaining, I am going to complain about the pains in that side of my torso.  I really think it is all the scar tissues that are there from the mastectomy and reconstruction.  But it hurts, and I am really tired of pain!

As I am writing this, I was supposed to be back at the cardio doc for the reading from the Holter monitor to check for the irregular heartbeats other docs have picked up.  The monitor was supposed to be shipped to me, and it never came.  So Friday I changed that appointment since there was nothing to read,  AND since we will be leaving Thursday, I am not going to call the  office to tell  them it never came.  I will wait until our return.  Besides I really am not looking to wearing one of those with its five leads for 24 hours. 

Today's appointment was for 8 am, and of course since rt was Sunday night, I couldn't fall asleep.  This is a strange phenomen that occurs most Sunday nights.  I don't sleep in on Sunday - in fact we are up earlier than usual for church.  I don't nap - usually I am cooking on Sunday afternoons.  And we didn't have family dinner (I was sick of cooking on Sunday afternoon - Brian and Christina had just spend a week at the beach, and Krissi and Steve didn't step up to the plate!).  But I couldn't sleep.  I had to be up at 6:30.  That smacked way too much of my teaching days!  Plus since the offie didn't call to remind me as usual, I was hoping I really did have an appointment this morning. 

When I was making the next appointment, she asked if I wanted a Monday again.  Sure.  Did I want 8am again, uh no!  I will fight for parking and if I have to pay to park in the garage.  I don't understand why the old professional building has FREE valet parking, and this one required payment to park!  But my body is no longer on a 6 - 6:30 wake-up schedule.  Never in all my working life did I become a morning person.

So this afternoon - it is time for a pedicure!  Yeah!


Judy said...

My working years were difficult too--my Circadian clock says, midnight to eight a.m.

Sally said...

I hope and pray that you received good news today!


Marti said...

I hope you got good reports. I am blinded by the lights most of the time these days. I'm ready to have cataract surgery so I can see again. I know, that's not what you meant.

I don't do early appointments either, even if I do wake up early these days. I can't count on everything going right so I can get there on time.