Friday, July 05, 2013

We are too old!

On day three, this is a fact of which we are now sure.  This dog needs a child - or seven!  She has far too much energy for us.  We are used to Simone.  Even when she was young, she was old.  She was content to sleep on her bed, going for an occasional stroll about the back yard.

This one - she wants to stay outside. She wants to chase every squirrel in town.  Her energy could bring millions if we could just bottle and sell it.

Yes, our routine is definitely changed,  and here we are left without grandchildren to run off this dog's energy.

She's not happy.  Right now, her leash is wrapped around my left wrist to keep her from tearing down my new front blinds because of the squirrels in the yard across the street and one over.  She is whining.  It breaks my heart, but...

I can't just shove her into the backyard.  In my mighty wisdom when we replaced the wooden deck, I said "lets add a level up - right by the fence for some visual interest."  Right.  Makes it about a 5 foot fence.  Clearly low enough for any motivated dog to jump.  She doesn't seem to have inherited the Boxer "springs for feet" in her jumble of genes.  In fact, the only Boxer I see is the right side of her face.

But the days are moving on.  And if push comes to shove, there is always her crate.  I hate to do that, but if needed it is there.

This summer cold (or whatever I have) is kicking my butt.  I coughed all night last night.  I am beat today.  Perhaps that isn't helping my energy level at all.

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Judy said... your explanation, she is too much dog for you guys. HOpe she finds a home with lots of kids to run and play with.