Monday, July 08, 2013

Still among the living

I work diligently to not get sick.  I stay away from those who are sniffling and snorting. This is a hold-over from the chemo days when I had no immunity to anything.

Well, apparently, someone got through my barriers.  From Tuesday on I have had a stuffy nose with post nasal drip and a COUGH.  Yes, the cough deserves all caps!!!

This is miserable!  We didn't even to Son's church yesterday.   And I don't have a Primary Care Physician.  Oh, my.  Plus, it seems this connection at least  has a bug as well.  So - catch ya' later.


Judy said...

YUCK--hate that!!! Nothing worse then having a summer cold, in my opinion AND it takes so very long to leave AND the cough will remain for about six weeks, or so I hear from others that have had it. It may be MORE then a virus--could your oncologist check it out and see if you need an antibiotic? Just sayin'

JuJu said...

Take it easy and feel better soon!