Saturday, July 27, 2013

If I knew I would live this long ...

And while waiting the results from the nine polyps, who knows.  Having danced this dance once, I don't want to do it again.  Anyway, to go on.

I always try to be low-key about my birthday.  Having a birthday in the middle of summer usually meant no birthday parties.  Especially when I went to elementary school some 15 miles from home.  My mother's boss was the brother to the principal of the elementary school across the street from where she worked.  So that explains that.  I just don't make a big deal of it.

I purposely don't have it posted on Facebook.  I am really a very private person, and I want as little known out there as is possible.  But what happens - G posted birthday greetings.  So one of my best friends saw his posting, and was really upset she didn't know.

I am now 68 years old.  To some, I am a mere kid.  To me - OMG!  How did this many years rack up.  I know my body feels them all, and I deserve that.  I didn't do my old joints many favors.  When we remodeled and added two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, who was the one who hauled all the furnishings up those stairs - alone.  Why me of course.  AND my house is covered in antiques, so you can imagine the weight involved there.  But I was always doing things like that.  I have put these joints through some really heavy work.

Until the breast cancer, I really had basically been healthy.  Yes - overweight.  Wish not- probably lost and gained 10 people in my life.  My blood pressure began to go up.  Teaching will do that to you.  When Texas began its changes in how and what we teach, the administrators became real asses.  So rowdy kids who know nothings will happen to them with the exception of in-school suspension (a holiday from classes), parents who feel and express that their kids do no wrong (yes one of my friends was told "you didn't see what you thought you saw - I talked to my son and he doesn't lie"), and administrators who are asses (found myself working for elementary principals too long - there is a basic difference in philosophy between elementary and secondary people), plus TEACHING THE TEST.  We began coupling student achievement to a standardized test, and if the kids didn't do well, the bitching trickled down from administrators to the teacher.  Guess who was at fault for poor achievement of the kiddos??  Not the administrators.  So we began classes to teach the test.

Anyway, all in all, I think I am still (oh please let those polyps be OK) in pretty good shape.  Cholesterol is down, but taking the Lipator may have caused my blood sugar to spike.  Probably will find later that it damages the pancreas - hence more and more pancreatic cancers.  But I look at an old friend whom we have recently reconnected with - I am in great health, and he is a year younger than I.

So I have made it 68 years on this earth.  Wonder how much longer!


Marti said...

I'm praying that all is well with you. If the dr said it didn't look serious, I bet he's right.

I saw something on tv the other day about statins. It said that getting off them actually increases your risk of Alzheimers. Eeek! These drugs get you coming and going. Take 'em, you get side effects, stop taking 'em, you still get side effects.

Judy said...

I mentioned the statins on my blog and taking CoQ10 helps to counteract any side effect the meds have--also, I saw the same thing on TV as Marti did--so--take the meds!!! I have been on Statins and high blood pressure meds for 24 years now and they haven't seem to hurt me at all. Happy B-Day Karen. I think as we get older, when a B-day comes, we always wonder, "how many more will I have."