Thursday, July 04, 2013

Day 2 (it only feels like 14!)

Seriously, Layla is a great dog.  She is going to make someone a terrific pet.  She deserves young people however.  She deserves the little 8 year old boy who had her before.  She is just a bundle of energy, but all wrapped up in absolute sweetness.

This morning she got to chase a squirrel.  If she could have climbed the pecan tree, she would have had it too.  She is a great squirrel hunting dog.  If my daughter didn't have two Boxers (yes, thanks to me) she would take Layla in a heart beat.  Her newest and youngest and Layla would be fast friends.  That would be Angelica - the one who chased Shadow across the front of my house several times.  But Princess is a crotchety old female.  We didn't think she was that old - until she got the old lady's disease (incontinence) like Simone.  She doesn't like other dogs around.  She tolerates Angelica - most of the time.

I did find Shadow.  He is upstairs in the craft room(s).  He didn't come down at all last night, so I don't know where I will find a little "surprise" that belongs in a litter box.  He was really glad to see a food bowl however!!

Since I downloaded some pictures yesterday, I will show you some others,
 This is the infamous back deck - where we found the coachwhip and under which the rattlesnake wanted to run after being shot.  In the distance you can barely see the feeder because it is so camoed.  I didn't think it blended in so well.  Anyway, that is the area the hogs are coming to now.  Sooooo thankful for the hog fence you see there.  It isn't more than 50 feet out there.
 This was the super moon.  I couldn't believe I didn't need a flash to make it this bright!
 One of the many creepy crawly visitors we can expect on the deck.  This is the first and only tarantula we have SEEN.  But still...

This is a better view of our house feeder.  This is an off limits feeder.  It is only to watch the deer come.  But it seems to be attracting a lot of hogs now.  Since last October, we have killed 14, and I don't think that number is the end.


Judy said...

Seriously--why don't you adopt Layla? Shadow would get use to her eventually.


I hate those big fuzzy spiders..eeek.

Marti said...

You may be feeling old with Layla around, but you are a braver woman than me. The snake was bad enough, but I hate monster sized spiders, even if they are fairly harmless. What are you going to do about all the hogs?