Monday, July 01, 2013


Well, the three pizzas "seemed" to be enough.  But I know I only had one slice.  I really wasn't feeling all that well.  I'll get to that reason in a bit.  There really wasn't enough of the kid's pizza though.  He had gotten one pepperoni and two supreme.  Five of the kids would rather die than eat the supreme pizza.  Too much stuff.  But anyway - it went OK I guess.

Now - why didn't I feel well?  Saturday I dropped an old tape holder on my right foot.  It hurt, but I didn't give it a lot of thought except that I needed to get rid of it!  (Who still has cassettes beside us??)  Sunday morning at almost three I woke with such a pain in my foot that I couldn't go back to sleep.  Finally, I went to my stash of hydrocodone that is left from pain clinic days.

I must have lost my tolerance for it.  I used to take it all day long with no problems, but I remember 37 years ago when I got some after giving birth to son, it made me sick!  Taking it at 3:30 meant that I didn't have time to sleep it off.  We had church.

When I woke, I was ok - for a while.  Then I got my hydrocodone sicky feeling.  I really thought church was a no go.  I was too nauseous to finish breakfast.  So I went to my vast pharmacy to look for one of the anti-nausea pills (left from chemo).  I took it and laid on the bed in front of the fan.  I began to feel better.  Church was on.

I got better and better - we even (foolishly) lunched at the local Mexican restaurant.  But as the evening wore on, I was getting bad again.  By the time we were to eat, I wasn't interested.  My foot through all this was killing me, but I dared not take another pain pill.  I had to get through the family being here.

I took all the pain pills at bed time, and I was able to sleep.  So I still don't know if I just have soft tissue damage or perhaps broke a bone in the top of my foot.  I am leaning toward the soft tissue damage.  I have kept a heat wrap for backs on my foot this morning.  It was feeling better, but ...

In other news,  we are going to be fostering Layla.  She is a small, white Boxer mix - a young dog.  We signed on for just the holiday, but I am afraid that this may be a real foster.  Well, we'll see.  I am anxious for another dog for a while.  I really want to adopt a Boxer, but I will keep this little girl for a while.  I am nervous about the cat issue.  We will just have to see.

So after the eyeball puncture appointment first thing in the morning, it will be meeting our new foster.  Exciting day.

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Judy said...

I thought you were suppose to put ice on that kind of injury? Heat makes it swell? I still have a stash of Percocet from hip surgery--no way am I giving that stuff up!!! Vicodin makes me sick, Percocet makes me feel pain free and sleep. I also have some Tylenol 3 with Codeine, which is milder but works great for tooth aches. I sound like a damn junkie, LOL. Hope you have fun with the pup and that your foot is okay--if not, you know--you gotta get an x-ray. Oh, BTW--I have a huge case of cassette tapes, LOL.