Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Still here

Came through, as expected, the colonoscopy with no problems.  Well - one.  I had nine polyps.  The good doc said he doesn't see a problem, but they are gone to be looked at.

The prep he prescribed is horrible!!  The after taste is sweet, sweet, sweet grape like.  The initial taste is a strange salty.  This consists of an 8 oz bottle of the stuff, mixed with 8oz water.  I wondered why he also gave me phenegran should I become nauseous.  I certainly found out!  I was supposed to drink 32 oz (!!!!) water within the hour following the mixture.  I couldn't.  I did get it down, but it was more like almost two hours.  That was beginning at 6.  Then at 10:30 I was to do the whole thing again.  I took the nausea pill.  Then I couldn't go to bed before midnight - having to rise at 6.
But I hope it is behind me for at least a year.  With all those polyps I don't know.

Of course, since I was put on this "wonderful" Medicare Advantage plan, so the hospital wasn't a preferred provider.  This wonderful new plan is costing me so much more than the other teacher retirement plan that was secondary to Medicare.  Humph.  AND the customer service is terrible.

That's all for today.  I have complained enough.


Judy said...

Glad it's over--hopefully all things removed are benign. Sorry about the insurance--I have heard any plan with the word "Advantage" in it is not so good. My friend in Florida has the AARP Advantage Plan--costs her a bunch and doesn't cover a lot. I just have Medicare and a small 40.00 a month supplemental Blue Cross and it covers everything EXCEPT I had to pay $1,100 for my hip surgery. I don't know--difference in States, I suppose?

JuJu said...

What's the first thing you wanted to eat???