Friday, July 19, 2013

Summing up last week

As a friend asked me today when I called about something else - the body count at the SSB.  This isn't an easy one.  There was one known hog killed or should I say one hog known killed.  There were about four others that were hit.  Normally I would be having a fit about wounded animals running about the place.  Even though I wish these hogs were off the face of the earth, I really care about animals in pain.  That's the main reason I don't hunt.  I am so afraid I will only wound.

The thing that makes me feel a bit better about the wounded hogs is that G didn't have to pull them off.  You see - for some reason he doesn't take them far.  That means we are dive bombed by vultures.  I really get tired of seeing those vultures circling the house.

This past week we were inundated by a new pest.  The scorpions are out - in force.  We killed 4-5 of them with the majority being outside the house.  That is good.  Don't like them in the house, but I know there was one who met his demise in the kitchen.

Everyone is complaining about how bad they are this year.  So off we went to buy special scorpion killer.  When we left, G sprayed under the kitchen cabinets.  I suggested we wait until we were leaving so that if they were driven out of hiding ...

Did find a dead mouse.  Haven't had one of those in a while.  G hasn't been putting bait under the house recently either.  He needs to get to that!  But it was a dead mouse.

So the body count is something like 5 scorpions (and counting), one mouse, probably 5 hogs.

I keep hoping those hogs will find a new passage way from the creek to wherever they are going.

We went to the last of the Crazy German Family Reunions.  It was hot and miserable, but we did have fun.  As I have said, I know why these are held in June/July, but geesh!!   HOT.

Layla was going to come back to us today.  But she went on another "visit" and was adopted.  It is what I was hoping for.  A young family with a 6 year old girl.  There are two Golden Retrievers next door to play with.   A dream situation I really hope.

Meantime, we are awaiting another foster.  We asked about one mix - Boxer/mastiff.  But he wants to be the only pet, and they are worried about Shadow.  Poor baby has been in the kennel for 10 months.  I would have really liked to have gotten him out, but...  Who knows what else is out there for us.  There are new dogs taken in everyday.



my friends live out in the country and they are over run with scorpions...lucky for me..we don't have any here.

Judy said...

I guess Texas IS a wild place!!! Glad Layla found a good home!!! That little girl is going to love her for a long, long time!

JuJu said...

I am loving the body count, in a strange twisted kind of way.

Marti said...

I'm so glad Layla found a good home. I must have missed what is killing the hogs, but I take it that it wasn't G? Scorpions, Ack! We had them in an apartment we once lived in, but only saw a few in the 6 months we were there. 5 in a week would have me packing.