Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am such a wuss

And a hungry one at that!  Perhaps that's why I just can't lose weight.  Go figure.

As I said before, the procedure is nothing.  Nothing!!!  This prep, and the worst is yet to come, is the pits.  It would seem to me that breakfast wouldn't hurt anything.  After hitting the colon with "colon-blow" I would think there wouldn't be anything there.

Dinner time will be excruciating for me.  Lunch wasn't a problem.  I was having my teeth scraped.  G graciously ate while I was gone.  Dinner will be something else.  I think I will barricade myself in the bedroom - or perhaps upstairs since my machine is back (finally).  I hope he eats something that doesn't produce wonderful aromas.

I forgot to make my jello(s) last night, so I am doing that right now.  So I had an orange Popsicle for breakfast.  Then I set out to the lab to have my blood drawn for my Monday appointment.  I told the nurse yesterday that I wasn't trusting of just showing up at the lab with no orders in hand, and we got a good laugh.  Well - guess what.  Yep - there were no orders there.  The tech was great.  He said I could call the office and get them to send them.  That would have been great - except for one little thing.  I didn't have my day-runner with all the numbers in it.  Then he said if I could get them to call after I got back home, come back and he would work me in.  Yeah - not happening.  I had another Popsicle waiting for me - along with the antibiotic that will cause so much indigestion!!

So - still no blood work.  I only took half of the antibiotics, so no pain.  Just made the jello.  Looking at those bowls, I can guess that both will be consumed for dinner!!!

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Are we having fun yet?