Sunday, July 28, 2013


Just addressing some comments that I haven't addressed before.  Nothing big.

Juju  what did I want to eat first after my colonoscupy?  At that point - even a little loopy from the anesthesia, I was ready to eat anything.  I was lucky though.  We went to La Madeline's.  They have a new French country breakfast - with poached eggs.  That was perfect.  Yum.

Now talking about statins.  I have been off the statin (Lipitor) quite a while now.  It seems like about a year.  I couldn't tolerate the muscle cramps and all any longer.  I have been put on a drug that you mix with juice or something in the mornings that becomes a suspension.  It is working well with the cholesterol.  And it does help with carbs as well.  So it is really a good answer.  Now if it hastens Alzheimer's,  I may never know the difference.  After four surgeries, several colonoscopies and chemo that are all brain cell killers.  My memory used to be sharp, but now not so much.


Today the family (minus son's family) visited back at our "old" church.  Our present church has nothing for kids - no Vacation Church School, no confirmation camp, no real confirmation at all.  The old one has a rich program for all ages of kiddos, and my grandchildren spent the last three weeks there at a program they run. They love it.  AND they have become friends with the kids there.

Our current church is fast headed down the toilet.  Monies are flying out of the bank.  We are almost broke.  There is an investigation beginning.  Pastor made the mistake of making Daughter treasurer.  She squeezes a penny until it screams.  She is wondering why bills aren't being paid, thus incurring penalties, where the  money is really going and so on.

Looks like her family will probably return to the old church.  I am so torn.  I am so angry about the waste of the money and the fact that we simply cannot go on this way.  I am angry that the Pastor has some voodoo method of governing the church that no ELCA (Lutheran) church that I have been associated with ever has used.  It is all smoke and mirrors because he is so OCD.  I love my fellow congregants.  I have more friends at the new church than were left at the old one.  When the old  one moved out of "mission status" the mood of the church changed.  I missed that feeling.  The new one is just out of "mission status" and there is still a pretty good sense of closeness.  A few of the new people have "big church" feelings - in other words - someone else will do all the work while we sit on our butts, but that isn't many.

I am also really (well let's use the word that best fits) pissed that the junior high kids in confirmation aren't going on a retreat as us normal this year.  The reason?  The new lazy member of whom I spoke took their daughter to the camp themselves, so none of the kids get to go.

Also - when one of my best friend's ( who is on Pastors s*it list)mother died - he never called her.  When SIL's father passed  - no call.

Our families leaving is going to be probably the financial blow that ends the church.  Information that I shouldn't know, but do is that Daughter is #3 in giving, and we are #7.  Many there give $0.00.

I didn't mean to unload, but that's what this forum is for.  My blog is secret with the exception of you fine folks.  At least it isn't advertised widely to friends and family.  So this won't get out.

I will be better next time - I promise.


JuJu said...

I love breakfast food of any kind, so I'm very pleased with your first food selection!!!

I'm so sorry for the way the church situation is. I totally feel your pain and frustration. I wish you well and hope that things will work out for you so that you can enjoy where you worship.

Personally, I enjoy worship in my head and in the mountains.

Judy said...

I love "our" private blogs because---we need to have somewhere to get all that junk out of our heads and yet not want close people in our lives to read--or even hear us speak it. It is easier on them, LOL. There is a lot of dissension in a lot of churches nowadays--I used to be very involved in my church in my younger days. Now--I go to worship, pray, sing and enjoy Sunday service and--that is all. Our church has programs for all the kids--mission projects and trip for the teenagers and adults--so many things that people take part in. Me--nope. I hope you find a church where you feel comfortable and you receive the blessings each week instead of wondering who, what, where and when the next shoe is going to drop.