Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A few notes

To be very crass - my internet here sucks. For some reason, I am getting pop-ups like crazy.  They are supposed to be blocked, but I can't do anything without a pop-up happening with any change.  Irritating!  Plus it is so slow in the afternoon, Farmville 2 will not load.  Bummer.

Layla's meeting didn't go well.  The mother to the couple who were looking at dogs wanted a dog.  She has a small, fluffy little thing.  Layla didn't like that dog.  So needless to say, Mom didn't want Layla.  She is with the woman running that rescue right now.  She is being re-introduced to dogs again.  We'll see.  And we will pick her up aga in on the 19th when we get back.

She is a doll, but there is another Boxer available who doesn't mind cats.  If he is still around in October, I want to consider him carefully.  Number one - not a mix, number two - likes/doesn't mind cats.  Win/win.

We are both rather sick.  This cold mess is still with us.  We are both coughing a lot.  I am so ready to get over this.

Saturday was the little "party" this community has.  It is called "Roundup."  I really like to go, and I wanted to this year because I was going to take pictures of the "arts and crafts" people who are selling "bought junk."  I have given up trying to fight them.  They can sell for pennies compared to crafted things.

We had yet another family reunion on Sunday.  It was fun - even if we both were a little miserable. Three down - one to go.

IT IS RAINING!!!  WHAT JOY!.  Of course, with our dirt/rock roads it gets a little iffy traveling.  Met a neighbor/cousin on the road when we were coming back from town after having the farm truck inspected.  He said it had rained again and said "hope you have 4 wheel drive."  Yes, and it was a good thing.  Usually there is no one on the road - today we met a group of 4 vehicles and then one of 2.

ALMOST FORGOT THE BODY COUNT!  Hogs -1, scorpions - 3.  And now we have about 9 vultures who include dive bombing the house while trying to devour said slain hog who was not pulled far enough our in the pasture by "someone" just because it was raining then.  Hmmmmm.

So.   Going home in two days.  Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning day.  Yuck!

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Judy said...

I heard on TV about the heavy rains out your way--glad you have a good substantial vehicle!!! Vultures dive bombing the house--sounds like life in the country, LOL. Hurry back to civilization so you can recover. Sad about Layla......