Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Layla's gone

She is set to meet her possible new parents tonight!!  They sound like great dog people and they are anxious to meet her.  The possible best news - she possibly won't have to go back to the kennel!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As of last night, G was ready to have her come to be ours after we go to the SSB tomorrow.  I think I am really happy this seems to be going this way.

Shadow now has the doors open upstairs.  When I went to get his food bowls down, he rubbed and carried on, but he still hasn't come down yet.  Perhaps tonight??  At least he may be found more easily when it's time to put him in his crate tomorrow.

I just can't get over how exciting my life is!!!


Judy said...

I think your life is pretty cool. Just think what you did for that nice dog! Enjoy the SSB--hope no rattlers are waiting on the porch for ya.

JuJu said...

I agree with Judy. (never doubt a Judi)

Marti said...

Aw, that is so great that she gets to go to a new home without having to go back to the kennel. She would have been a great dog for you eventually, but I've found that a happy cat is worth a lot too. Have fun at the SSB.