Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So let's re-think this

Yesterday I really thought I was emerging from the throes of death.  Well - that's the way it feels!  I HATE colds or allergies or whatever that gives me a cough.  I really believe I have a very sensitive throat, and when there is any accumulation of mucus, I cough.  Now - that was enough information there.  You really don't need to know all the gory details.  I just skimmed the cause and effect.

My reasoning for not attending my son's church was that no person in their right mind would want to sit around me, remember?  Well - today I had a follow up with the new orthopedist.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you about that one.  Yeah - I finally went for the check up and to see if I had broken my knee caps when I fell.  No, they are fine, but I did have tendinitis in BOTH knees.  No wonder they hurt.  So I was put on anti-inflammatory drugs.

So today was my follow up.  AND guess what - I had a coughing spasm right there in the middle of the waiting room.   AND I didn't have any water - at all.  AND I just knew if I got up to go out to the hall to get some water, my name would have been called (I can dream can't I?).

So - what did I do for the hour  I sat there, I ate Hall's drops like my life depended on it.  And ---- people actually moved away.  I was sooooooooo embarrassed!   But then what are you going to do?  All this for something I could have called in.  I am fine - come back in a couple of years unless I need something before.

So I guess I should have gone to church - or cancelled this appointment.  One was definitely the wrong decision.


Now - Layla.  G has become so smitten with her.  He is talking about adopting.  I would like to wait for a full Boxer.  They have one who has been tested with cats, not that Shadow will allow him to get anywhere near, but at least the dog won't kill Shadow.

We take her back to the kennel tomorrow, and I really hate it.  She is such a people dog.  I would have loved to see her go to another foster home.  What I really wanted for her is to go from me to a real home with a young family who can run and play with her.

We had a case here in the metro area that bothers me a lot.  Many of our subdivisions, since we are usually a swamp land - have a "green belt and/or "lake" (retention pond) beyond their back fences.  There is usually a walkway there also.  Some boys were playing in their back yard when their ball went over the fence.  They went to get the ball, and their four year old male Boxer got out.  There was an off duty cop walking his little dog accompanied by his wife.  His statement is the Boxer attacked him, his wife, and his dog.  The kids say that the Boxer went up to sniff the dog.  That is so typical of a Boxer.  Generally there isn't a mean bone in their bodies (other than squirrels and cats), and they want to play with another dog.

The cop SHOT the dog in the neck.  Just BLAM.  The boys right there, unable to get to the dog.  They didn't have a chance to do anything.  The cop just shot.  No word of warning - nothing.  He claims they all were injured.  The poor Boxer died on the way to the emergency clinic.  The family really has no recourse.  Their loved pet is dead.  What an unfortunate situation.

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Judy said...

And a cop's word against two little boys? Sad, very sad. I think you should keep Layla!!!