Monday, July 22, 2013

FUN, FUN, FUN - not

I finally made my appointment with a new Gastrointerologist.   My last colonoscopy was the July before the cancer diagnosis, so it has been 8 years.  I wasn't really worried because I figured that any cancer that was going to stand up to the chemo was going to be something that would kill me anyway!

I have been meaning to go to the doctor for two years.  I really like my old one, and he is old.  We are contemporaries.  I think he is going to be retiring soon, plus he is just too far away.  So when the podiatrist suggested this doctor to G, I thought that would be great.  So he made his appointment last year, got his colonoscopy last year, and even though he had to see the doctor, he gets to wait a year before ...

I don't mind the procedure.  I could do it everyday and not be upset.  I HATE the prep.  I hate eating what I can eat.  Of course, I like red drinks, red jello, red Popsicles.     I HATE broth.  I HATE boullion.  Nasty.  I especially hate the "going" after the harsh meds.

But, I am doing it.

And that isn't all I am doing tomorrow.  I have to have blood taken for my appointment next week with the cardio doc.  This GI office was really upset when I mentioned my cardio doc.  No, I don't have heart trouble.  I had a high stress job (teaching) that drove my blood pressure through the roof.  I carry too much weight, and I don't exercise enough.  So - cardio doc.  But he will want the complete metabolic panel when I see him, so I will have that done tomorrow.

THEN - I get to go to have my teeth cleaned.  I have to take an antibiotic before I do this since I have a breast implant and two fake knees.  The antibiotic makes me have such terrible heartburn that I want to cry.  So I asked if there were something else I could take.  Yes, there is.  It is a penicillin derivative,  so unless I enjoy my throat closing off and suffocating, that's out.  Penicillin allergy.

The dentist suggested I eat something before taking the antibiotic.  Yeah, right.  Not tomorrow.  So I will be that bright fire you see burning down here in the south.  I should light up the sky more brightly than the sun.

All in all, tomorrow should be such a great day.  I just can hardly wait.

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Judy said...

At least, it will be nice to get it all taken care of and out of the way.