Monday, October 20, 2008

A Whole New Experience

Never, in my 63 years, have I ever been fitted for a bra. But with my new plastic body, I figured I would never be able to find the correct sized bra. I think I was right.

I ventured out this morning to the bra shop. I knew that their merchandise would be pricey. K had been there a while ago, and walked out with $200+ of bras. I didn't think I would let that happen. Guess what. It did!

I went in and explained that I had a mastectomy and reconstruction. The clerk said ok. We went to a dressing room where she measured me. I was a little shocked. The band measurement was 6 inches more than when I was measured for the mastectomy bra that held the prosthesis. But then I did go tbrough chemo and my body held on to all those calories that I was hoping it wouldn't. I enter chemo thinking it would be a good thing for my weight. Boy was I wrong.

Anyway. The first bra she brought was an "E" cup. My poor little breasts were swallowed up completely. I'm not sure that my previous breasts would have filled that cup, but they probably would have.

The real work began then. We kept trying different bras. The band would fit but not the cup or the cup would fit but not the band. Or one cup was fine and the other was way too large. That is part of the problem. When Dr Plastic did the reduction, he got a little carried away. The left is much smaller than the right with the implant. His solution was to take some of the silicon out. I vetoed that right away. I know they are better now, but I don't want to take a chance on the silicon leaking.

After an hour, I scored three bras. Of two different sizes. Using band extenders. You see, now I have small boobs and a broad back. If it fits the back, it won't fit the boobs. But it looks good. I was absolutely amazed how good the sisters look.

That should be motivation to stay on my diet now. I surely need something.

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