Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend, doctor, and dad

Well, we are safely back from the SSB. The weather was beautiful even though it did begin to heat up - a lot! We were surprised to find four "feral" cows on our place however. It seems we have a fence problem back on the east side where the land pluments into a huge, deep valley. We did find who is leasing the property for grazing - and the owner of the cattle. From there we found the number of the land owner who is, as is usual in that country, a distant cousin. I think he's only remotely related to G, but I haven't finished my dad's genology yet. He may be a distant cousin of mine as well, but through a different path.

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday. I'm so glad they left a message on the machine because I thought it was Thursday. Anyway, we are still at a decision point about the reconstruction of the nipple. It's a little tempting because it will take 15-30 minutes, done under a local. But he still wants to do it in the operating room both because of sterility and SHOULD there be a complication like bleeding. I am still mulling it around.

When I arrived at the parking lot, there was an older couple who had pulled up before me. I guess I should explain that I use the valet parking. Being right at the door is such a big plus for me. At this facility, it is free, so that makes it even better. Back to that couple. They were driving a fairly new Cadillac. When the man got out, I could see that he was dressed in a nice looking sport coat, tie and sharp slacks. He looked very dapper. One of the other attendants opened the door for the lady. She looked beautiful. She had on a lovely printed full skirt, blouse and jacket. Her hair was done meticulously. She walked with a cane, and he was very attentive.

I lost track of them because they got the elevator before I got it. My doctor was running late - about an hour, so it was a good hour and half before I was back at the parking lot. They were there. When their car arrived, he opened the door for her and helped with her seat belt, making sure the skirt was nicely tucked into the car.

I was so struck by them. They were of the generation that dressed when they went out. It didn't matter where they were going. They dressed appropriately. That meant being very well groomed. But that wasn't the biggest thing that got my attention. The man being so very gracious reminded me of my dad. He would treat his wife with the same consideration. He was such a gentleman. I miss him so.

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