Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Loud noises

Three years ago when Simone first came into my house, I knew she certainly wasn't a guard dog. She was and is rather timid, and that's great. I really don't worry about her with the grandkids. In fact, she and Doodle Bug are such great friends that we call DB Simone's puppy. DB giggles when Simone licks her and hugs her.

Simone does not like loud noises however. During a thunderstorm, she will be right beside me. She just doesn't like them at all.

Recently Simone will growl if she see someone walking by on the sidewalk. I don't know what that is all about. I guess she feels she needs to contribute something to the workings of the household. If someone knocks on the door or rings the door bell she will now bark and want to see who's there. I really think she wants to greet whoever is visiting. She feels that is her role in the family.

Today she is stuck to my side. My neighbors are replacing their driveway. There is a poor man out there with a sledge hammer trying to break up the sections of concrete. This first section apparently really didn't need replacing because he is having a heck of a time breaking it.

When he finally gets some of it broken, they use a front end loader to put the pieces into a dump truck. That banging is really loud and feels like it shakes our house. Simone is not at all sure what is going on over there, but she knows she wants no part of it. Each time I open the door for her to go out, a bang comes from over there and she is back in the house - glued to my side.

I'm glad, for her sake, that I had planned to be at home today. I'm not sure what her mental state would be when I got home.

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