Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Such a puzzle

G is a devoted reader of the obits. When the paper is brought in, he settles down with that section and reads every last obit in the paper. Let me tell you, there are a lot of obits in the local Swampland paper.

I glance at them on occasion. Each time I read them I get really depressed. Perhaps it is because, not unlike anyone else, I simply don't know what my future holds for me. None of us are promised a set number of days, but I think mine are seriously diminished by the cancer. I cannot be sure it is really gone.

On another cheery note, I finally called the orthopedist yesterday. I got his "scheduling person" Mike. I had to leave a message. I could not believe that! I had to leave a message to make an appointment. Here it is, the next day at 10:06 and no return yet. I wish I could have had a job like that. Apparently he comes to work at 10am (or later) and gets off at 4. Wow! What a deal.

I also got a call from Dr Poison's office. They asked if I would come to the office across town. I said no I could not. You would have thought I was signing my death certificate on the spot. I wouldn't be willing to drive an additional 20 miles for an appointment that isn't all that important anyway. So we rescheduled for next Thursday. My, my. These doctors!

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