Monday, October 13, 2008


Busy, busy, busy weekend. We went to the family reunion in the Alamo City even though we stayed at the SSB which is two hours away. For seven of us and a dog, it was a lot less expensive - even with time.

G's mother tried to put me on a guilt trip - once again. She was going on and on about how my sikser-in-law had done "sooooo much" for her where as we haven't been to her independent living apartment twice since January.

M was telling us that HER mother is planning a move to the Capitol City and she tried to get MIL to say she would do the same. She talked about how much easier if will and would be if they were both there. It went right over MIL's head. She would rather they travel from the Capitol City to the Alamo City at her whim. What I did with my dad and step mom was hard, but I think that is exactly what needs to be done with MIL. I know she is in a "protected" environment where Dad wasn't, but noone should be expected to make trips to check on family like has to be done.

Other than that the reunion was fun. The rest of the weekend was a little nerve wracking. Monkey Boy needs a good butt warming. He has been allowed to get what he wants by crying for his entire life. Whenever things don't go his way, he whines. If dinner isn't chicken nuggets and fries with catsup, he cries. If he is told to do something that he doesn't like - he cries. It was a weekend of his noise. Mom and Dad (more Mom) are realizing just what they have created, but it is still annoying.

Doodle Bug is a red haired wonder! She has the temper to match that hair. She can be so happy one moment, and she is really ticked off the next. She does love Simone however. I wish I had my camera out when they shared their kisses. When Simone would get up in the mornings, Doodle Bug was at her happiest.

Lady Bug was her usual good self with the exception of thinking she could get her own glass yesterday out of the cabinent. We are minus one glass. I just hope she asks for help from now on. I really had to laugh when her dad said she should be using plastic anyway since he gives both older kids my thin, fragile juice glasses for their drinks. Ah, well!!

S and G were able to get the feeders up and running. Although at one point I was wondering if that was going to happen. They waited until about noon yesterday to even move. When they went out, there were three dead batteries! The old farm truck was dead, the Mule was dead and the four wheeler was dead. G said he was afraid to even try the troop carrier (the F250) or the Expedition. We must have some kind of warp field around us!

We are all back home and, some of us at least, are in quiet, peaceful places. I will spent the next weeks getting ready for Thanksgiving. There will be nine of us in the less than 1800 square foot space. One of those will be 6 months pregnant. Oh my! Should be fun. At least I know where the key is to our hunter's cabin. I may disappear there - often.

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