Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dr Poison

Finally today I got to keep the appointment with Dr Poison. Last night I was wondering however because the rains have come to Swampland. Flooding, heavy rains. But we DO need them. Really. But I was thinking this would be canceled appointment number three.

The first that had to be canceled was the Tuesday after Ike visited our area. I couldn't even call to cancel because their phones were down. The second was the fiasco of them not seeing patients out here, and then I was afraid of being flooded in today.

It was really rather pointless. He told me that the bone scan showed the take up of the isotope was in the knees, feet, ankles, and spine. Bone cancer takes up the isotope in the middle of the bone. Diagnosis - arthritis. Wow!! Could have fooled me!!

His next announcement was that I should be exercising to prevent the return of the cancer. It is effective to prevent colon and breast cancer recurrences. Sure. I was on the recumbent bike for one minute this morning, but my knees hurt so badly I couldn't stand more than that.

Then he wrote the order for my mammogram in January. I don't see him again until March.

It was such an exciting morning. Now I guess I better go call Dr Plastic Surgeon, since I canceled that appointment for last Tuesday. I also am going to try another orthopedist. This time I'm calling another physician in the practice. If "Mike" for the first doctor is so busy that I always get voice mail, then I can see that succeeding appointments would also be a problem.

Exercise people!

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