Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No clean clothes

The appliance guy came on Friday before we left for the SSB and the reunion. I thought all was great. I got the trip to the grocery store in, the appliance guy, everything packed and the cars all sorted out to leave before 11.

I knew Simone's bedding, that caused the entire thing, had not been rinsed well. I went in to put the washer on rinse and turned away to do some other things. I went back into the utility room to pick up the laundry basket that had been put in front of the door. It was WET!!

I really didn't think that much about it at that moment. It wasn't until I looked again and realized that I had an inch of water on my floor that was running out of the door that I really got into action. My utility room was underwater. I turned off the washer and then went to spin to get the water out. I swept the water out, and when I was outside I realized that the water had run under the wall between the floor plate and the foundation.

I called the appliance guy. He apparently knew what was wrong. I think he has to hook something up again. He said he would be here this afternoon. Haven't heard from him, yet. Guess I'll call.

I really have my doubts about this guy. When I needed him before, he never returned the call. He said he knows our hunter who is a repair guy in Sweetland. A said he didn't know T was in the repair business. He knew him from parts sales. Hmmm. Is this a sign?

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