Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's all because of fleas!

As we live our day to day lives, everything we plan, down to the most simple things, can be instantly changed. I had the day mapped out in my head. Guess what - it all changed!

As a way of explaining part of what was going on today, I must tell you that we are having a terrible time with fleas and Simone. I keep treating her and the house, and G still gets bitten. I really think HE is the vector bringing them into the house. He is outside more than she is!

When I picked up her prescription dog food at the vet's office Saturday, I told them I was having a terrible time. They said there is a pill out that will make all the fleas leave her within 30 minutes. Well, OK. So I bought 2 of the little gems ($4.40 each). Since Saturday was hot, and we wouldn't be home when it was cool on Sunday, we decided that Monday was the day to give her pill number 1.

She tolerated it well, but since it was going to rain on Tuesday I would wait until Wednesday for the second pill. That was also tolerated well, and I decided today would be the day for a bath (at the vet) and the application of Frontline which up to now has not been effective at all.

I got her up early, had her go outside and fed her. Then I loaded her into the truck, and we were off. Now she thought she was going to her slaughter. She planted her feet most of the way to the back at the office, but they picked her up (all 65 pounds!), and all was well.

I returned home, and set about washing her bedding. I was fiddling around with something when the washer made a horrible noise. The bedding had gotten out of balance. I thought it wouldn't be much of a problem. It happens all the time with a large load. I opened the lid and shifted everything around. I lowered the lid with the expectation of the spin beginning once again. Silence.

I moved things around again. Moved the dial a little. Lowered the lid again. Silence.

So I called the Maytag repairman - probably woke him. He came out about an hour later. He poked about for a while, removing the panels from the machine. Then he pronounced he needed a part. He would return this afternoon.

Under normal circumstances that would have been fine. But today, I have Simone at the vet, and I planned to hit the grocery store as we are going to The Alamo City for a family reunion and I need provisions to make food to take. Plus we will be staying at the SSB along with K's family of 5. I need to prepare. We will leave tomorrow at noon. No time for the grocery.

But I guess things will just have to wait. It is almost 2pm. Mr Maytag has not called again. I guess I'll learn some patience and wait. I DO have to be thankful that he didn't pronounce the washer DOA. The thing is about 20 years old. I should be happy instead!

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