Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stronger than I thought

I kind of feel like the Little Red Hen or the Little Engine that could or perhaps a cross between the two (what a terrible run on sentence). Just exactly who I modeled most after depends on the time.

I felt like the Little Red Hen when I decided that since no one helped me move my HEAVY sewing/embroidery machine downstairs so I could go the the machine brand club meeting, I would just do it myself. I planned it all out last night. I would go up to put the materials and sewing supplies that I needed into the sewing machine carrier last night. Then today, I would go up to get first the machine and ease it down step by step. I would then get the carrier last. When they were both downstairs, I would put the machine into the carrier and I would be set.

There was some consideration to taking the smaller plain sewing machine, but my ego got in the way. This club is made up of those who have these fancy, dancy machines. I didn't want to be the one there with the older (much) little machine. Pride!! It causes some terrible things.

I went up last night and loaded (most) of the supplies I needed. Since I had the time for the club meeting wrong, I was able to go to the nearby fabric store to get what I had forgotten. I had to laugh at the others who showed up without some important items. I thought I was scattered at these meetings. I'm better than the first one (two months ago) when I showed up with NOTHING I needed as far as supplies. They thought I was some sort of alien. Well, there were three new people this time. I guess the club is getting their act together because they were warmly welcomed.

This morning I went to get the machine. I doubt I should be picking it up right now. I am still on restricted activities for now. But I gingerly removed it from the cabinet. I got to the stairs, and that's where the Little Engine came in. My stairs are steep!! We enclosed our attic about 20 years ago, and it became our kid's bedrooms, a bath and sitting area. Due to that - our stairs are steep and the treads are narrow. I "screwed my courage to the sticking place" as someone once said, and ventured to the stairs.

I always have a fear of falling on these steps. I really didn't want to trash my beautiful machine. But I managed to go, step by step, down the stairs.

Humph - I did it myself. I don't need help. Go me!

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